Questions & Answers

Question: How can I pay my nursery fees?

Answer: You can pay your nursery fees by cash, cheque, bank transfer (you will find the account number and sort code at the bottom of the invoice) and childcare vouchers.

Question: Do you accept childcare vouchers?

Answer: We accept all childcare vouchers and would recommend you organise this before starting the nursery as it can sometimes take a while to set up.

Question: When do I need to pay my fees by?

Answer: Invoices are created on the 1st of each month, and we require them to be paid by the 12th of the month.

Question: Will I pay the same amount each month or does this differ when there is a bank holiday?

Answer: You will pay the same amount each monthThe fees are calculated over 49 weeks of the year and divided by 12 monthly equal payments.

Question: What should I do if I need an extra session, change sessions or cancel my child's place.

Answer: If you would like to book extra sessions, change your sessions or cancel your child’s place at nursery please contact your Nursery Manager in the first instance either by phone, email or in writing. We require 4 weeks' notice to change your current session, and 6 weeks' notice to cancel their place.

Question: When my child turns three how will the FEEE work?

Answer: The term after your child turns three they are entitled to 15 hours per week (term time only). Please see <a href=""></a>.

Question: Do you provide 2 year old funding?

Answer: Yes, either contact the nursery Manager or Administrator for more information or visit <a href=""></a>.

Question: When are you closed for holidays?

Answer: We are closed on all Bank Holidays. At Christmas we close on Christmas Eve at 2pm and re-open the day after New Years day.

Question: Do I need to pay if my child is on holiday or off sick?

Answer: Yes, fees are calculated over 49 weeks taking deducting 3 weeks for bank holidays and sickness.

Question: What type of food will my child be eating?

Answer: We provide a balanced healthy menu that has been created from feedback from families, children and practitioners within the nursery. We use local produce from the butchers and bakers in the village, please <a href="">see our menu</a>.

Question: What should my child bring with them to nursery?

Answer: At least one full change of clothes (more if toilet training) in a bag, which is not plastic, or drawstring. Sun hats and sun cream (if providing own) for spring/summer. Outdoor coat, wellington boots, hat, scarf and gloves for autumn/winter. Comforter if required.

Question: If my child is ill can they still attend nursery?

Answer: Please see our <a href="">infectious control information</a>, if in doubt call the nursery and we will be able to help you.

Question: Can I bring in medication?

Answer: Medication if required can be administered by the nursery as long as we follow the nursery policy (please consult our Medication Policy for further details). If medication is brought in this must be clearly labelled with the child’s full name, dose and the expiry date must be visible.

Question: Do I need to provide nappies, pull-ups and wipes?

Answer: No, we provide all of these as well as sun cream and Sudacrem. If you would like to provide your own please ensure you inform your child's room and label them with your child's name.

Question: Can my child do more than 3 settling in sessions?

Answer: We are very flexible with pre-visits and you will not be charged for any pre-visits at the nursery. If you think your child will take longer to settle please talk to their key person and they will be able to support you and your child in this transition.

Question: Can I leave my buggy/car seat at nursery when I drop my child off in the morning?

Answer: Yes, there is a storage container next to the office door for parents to leave their buggies and car seats in the morning.

Question: Can I phone the nursery during the day to check my child is ok?

Answer: Yes, you can call as many times as you need to. Each room also has their own iPads to email families.