Learning Environment

Our learning environments play a huge part in ensuring all of our children are happy, content, stimulated and challenged. Each room in the nursery provides a variety of experiences as well as different care practices – we of course recognise the importance and value of care routines for our younger children with these being imperative to their healthy emotional development. With our older children we also ensure healthy risk taking is supported and independence is nurtured.

The transition between rooms is a natural progression throughout the nursery. We don’t move children based on age, the focus is on ‘being ready’ both emotionally and physically. During these periods we want you to feel supported and excited about your child’s next adventure, by allowing your child to make short visits with their key person they gradually become familiar with their new surroundings. Look out for receiving your ‘Transition bag’.

"If transitions are well supported, children can learn to manage change in a positive way, which is a very important skill for life"

Pre-birth to three: positive outcomes for children’s and families (2010)