Baby Room

Our babies love to…

Make plenty of noise but like us, like their quieter moments too. Whether its playing instruments and singing or having their favourite lullaby in our separate sleep area - we've created an environment that allows them to get accustomed to all those newly acquired senses as well as getting some peaceful rest.

Happiness for our babies is accomplished in many ways. Having the correct ratios (1:3) with qualified and experienced staff is just our starting point. Each of their senses becomes a window through which they will experience the world. We provide a variety of stimulating activities from playing with sensory balls on a parachute to body painting; for those quieter moments, such as an enjoyable story in our cosy 'Place to Talk', we've decorated the area with soft drapes, baskets of books and fluffy cushions helping our babies make the most of every opportunity.

Our environment provides an opportunity for babies to experiment, experience and discover

What happens in our baby room and how do our babies feel...

Practitioners engage in both planned and spontaneous moments. Some of the best experiences are those that were unexpected like when the snow falls for the first time and we get wrapped up and go out exploring. When its a sunny day we relax playing under the large trees on the field with rugs, resources and a snack or we stroll into the village to visit the horses in the field. Our primary purpose is to ensure our babies are well cared for, their needs are met and their interests are supported. Our team of practitioners have specific baby training as well as some being mums themselves - they know what makes the babies happy and content because they have built up a secure and consistent attachment to them.

Some of the areas in our baby room...

A Place to Talk - To faciliate, encourage and nurture positive interactions and communictaion centred around stories, singing, puppets and just simply relaxing together. With babies we want to foster an early love of books.

Family Books & Family Jars - Our babies are provided with pleasant reminders of their family and important people in their life through photos in home-made books and on their own jar - fostering a sense of belonging and enhancing their self-esteem and positive self-image.

Treasure Baskets and Heuristic - Our babies love this time, allowed to explore using different objects, textures, colours, patterns, shapes, sizes and much more. A sensory feast.

Brainy Babies - A wonderful daily activity with your baby and their key person, based on specific interactions and games to help and encourage your babies' brain development.

Babies are determined athletes, daily pushing themselves to the limit. They are also true scientists constantly testing their understanding. Linguistics too.

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Baby Room Q&A

Question: I breast feed my child, can I continue with this at nursery?

Answer: You can bring in breast milk on a daily basis or you can come into nursery during the day to breast feed your baby, we have a quiet area that parents can use.

Question: Do you supply formula milk and if so which brands?

Answer: We supply all baby formula milk (unless it is prescribed from your doctor). This will be discussed during your first pre-visit in the baby room.

Question: Do you offer “Baby Led Weaning”?

Answer: Weaning stages and methods will be discussed during your first pre-visit at nursery, but the baby room team will follow what parents have started at home.

Question: Will my baby have its own bedding?

Answer: All of our bedding is purchased from Mothercare and Next. They are provided with their own fitted sheet and blanket and washed weekly or immediately if soiled.