Full tummies and empty plates. That’s what we aim for. Feeding our children healthy and nutritious meals is a responsibility we take very seriously, especially since a majority of the meals many children eat through the week will be prepared by us. We have a simple ethos - fresh ingredients, prepared onsite and whenever possible locally sourced.

We have fresh bread delivered everyday from the bakery on the hight street and we use the local butchers in the village to deliver fresh meat - fresh food as well as supporting our local community

We are ideally placed to have a positive influence - not only on the nutrition of young children, but also in developing the attitudes they have towards food and healthy eating.

For us, meal times provide fantastic opportunities for children to try new foods and to develop their social skills. These are habits that children will take with them into their school years along with the social aspects of sitting and eating together.

Download our Spring 2014 menu