The office is a small but busy room with parents, staff and visitors passing through. You will always find either a member of the management or administration team available to answer any queries or concerns you may have about your financial accounts or regarding the nursery in general.

The team work different shifts throughout the week and are here to help. If you can’t find us in the office please ask a member of staff or e-mail us at and we will endeavour to get back to you straight away.

Please see the below links to many useful pieces of information which may help you with your childcare costs and entitlements. If you would like assistance with any of the below please speak to a member of our administration team or the Nursery Manager.

Child Care Vouchers

We accept most Child Care Vouchers from employers who offer this benefit to their employees. These are either in the form of a paper voucher or e-voucher. Vouchers are none-taxable and exempt from National Insurance contributions, both parents are eligible to claim as long as they are both in employment, however this could effect your Tax Credits so please consider this before registering your vouchers.

Further information can be found at here and here.

Free Early Educational Entitlement (FEEE)

To find out more about the Free Early Educational Entitlement (FEEE) for children between the ages of 3-4 years old please visit this link.

Working Tax Credits

You can get help and advice on Working Tax Credits from HM Revenue and Customs

To find out more contact the Inland Revenue helpline on 0345 300 3900 or visit