Our team

We want only the best practitioners looking after our children. When you are happy in your career, you deliver only the best care, have fun and bring to life the characters and personalities of every child. Those attributes are essential ingredients to our children's experiences at nursery - the happier our team, the happier our children.

We believe that an 'OUTSTANDING' team and an 'OUTSTANDING' nursery go hand in hand. Our culture and values are centred around us all having fun and ensuring our children's wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do.

We are a team that learns together, we constantly push ourselves 'to do better' every day. A commitment to training and personal development is paramount and we place great empahsis on this. We recognise individual strengths and support our colleagues to implement their ideas, release their creative flare and most importantly we are team that empowers one another to fulfil our own potential too.

We believe that great training by experienced and qualified professionals enhances our practice and knowledge. All of our team has access to external annual conferences, centres of excellence and courses that promote only the highest of practice and care standards. Some of us have recently enjoyed a two day conference in Birmingham where we had the pleaseure of listening to and learning from Professors in baby care, development of numeracy skills and language and the importance of quality review systems - we left buzzing with new ideas.

Our team has a wide range of skills and experience when it comes to looking after our children, however the emphasis we place on our on annual conferences always focuses on 'The Team' - last year we chose Conkers to deliver fun packed team building activities with 'Team Spirit' at the centre of the day. With activities such as rafting races, go-carts, a water bucket obstacle course and a treasure hunt the team spirit certianly shone through!

We value and appreciate the hard work that our team consistently delivers. Our training plan and social activities calender reflects our value of 'Togetherness achieves excellence at every level' - we have enjoyed chocolate making, bingo, a trip to Cadbury World as well as themed team meetings where we serve home made cakes, hot chocolate and fish and chips.

The team and parents recently took part in a Play Pilot. We spent our time reminising about childhood memories and reliving these using props to make indoor and outdoor dens, dressing up, singing and running around playing chase - we had so much fun with lots of laughter reminding us that time with others and space outdoors facilites great relaxed learning.